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Flower Preservation

Flower Preservation

If you've caught yourself wishing your flowers could last forever, you're in the right place.

Transform the cherished florals from your special day into a unique piece of art. Petal & Press is here to turn the actual flowers from your wedding or event into timeless artwork, allowing you to relive life’s most impactful moments day after day.

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Preserving your biggest moments

I’m Sarah, owner of Petal & Press Studio. I believe preserving your florals is one of the most effective ways to hold onto the biggest moments of your life with something tangible and beautiful. The flowers you hold on your wedding day can be enjoyed every day when framed and displayed in your home.

Sarah Hughes, Petal and Press Studio
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Unique art featuring all your favorite pressed florals

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Handcrafted to Your Memories

Custom Floral Preservation

Imagine a piece of art that is as unique as your story – that’s the beauty of custom floral preservation. Each piece is more than just a product; it’s a celebration of your journey, encapsulated in the delicate beauty of florals.